IGL is in Slawson Hall, a view from the northeast


geochronology - isotopes - tectonics - cyberinfrastructure


A microscopic view of zircons (white areas) with laser etched pits.


U-Pb ages on zircon and other minerals
A view of the mass spectrometers in our lab room

Mass Spectrometry

Three mass spectrometers for geochronologic and isotopic analyses
A view of our metal-free clean lab during construction

Clean Lab

Dust and metal free laboratory space with fully exhausted laminar flow hoods
A view of a shaker table for separating heavy minerals

Sample Processing

Crushing and milling for processing rocks, then other equipment for separation of heavy minerals


We welcome collaborative projects of geochronology, isotope analysis, and mineral separation
Contact one of our team via email & send samples to IGL/Joseph Andrew, 1414 Naismith Dr., Room 254, Lawrence, KS 66045
Instructions and mailing label (pdf)

Logo for IGL


IGL has a long legacy of isotope geochronology from pioneering work in the applications of Rb-Sr and U-Pb systems of Van Schmus, Bickford, and Bowring (KU Ph.D.), followed by work of other IGL researchers in geochronology, thermochronology, and isotopes.